We are a Catholic community of faith with long history and tradition that has touched countless lives for generations.  The Church of Our Lady of Victory is a beacon of faith in our local community and beyond, where Christ is the center of our liturgical and parish life.  Our treasure is the people, and our gem is the awe inspiring beauty of Church’s spaces.  We hope you had the opportunity to worship and participate in our ministries already, but if not we warmly invite you to become part of this great parish.


“So that we may love one another tenderly, act justly, and walk humbly with our God, the people of Our Lady of Victory Parish, aware of our need for one another, are a faith community in the Roman Catholic tradition where all are welcomed and valued. Baptized in water and the Holy Spirit into Christ’s Church and fed at the table of God’s Word and Sacraments, together we proclaim to a redeemed world the Good News of Jesus.”


We are blessed to have a group of wonderful clergy, workers and parishioners who dedicate their time and talents to make Our Lady of Victory Parish the best place to be for all

Meet The Parish Team

Lay Staff


Fr. Michael Wyrzykowski



Fr. Abraham Jacob

Priest in Residence

Deacon Michael Ahern.jpg

Dcn. Michael Ahern


Deacon Robert Leck.jpg

Dcn. Robert Leck


Eileen Bond.jpg

Ms. Eileen Bond

Parsih Secretary

Lila Jahnke.jpg

Ms. Lila Jahnke

Administrative Assistant


Ms. Mary Beth Frystak

Director of Religious Education/ Pastoral Associate

Rosetta Sellers Varella.jpg

Rosetta Sellers-Varela

Interim Music Director