Saint John Paul II Eucharistic Flame Center


Saint John Paul II Eucharistic Flame Center

Saint John Paul II Eucharistic Flame Center


Vision and Mission

The Vision and Mission of the Saint John Paul II Eucharistic Flame Center is to first draw spiritual grace from the Eucharistic Jesus, become transformed by the power of the Eucharist, and in awakening a profound sense of our own discipleship, to invite and lead others the Lord and his Eucharistic presence.

This mission also stems from the words of Jesus: “I have come to throw fire on earth and how much I desired to see it burning” (Lk.12:49). This beautiful passage uttered by Jesus speaks about His understanding of His own mission on earth.  As His disciples, our mission is to continue to fulfill these divine words, to spread the Fire of God’s grace to others, and to invite others into the mystery of our Catholic faith, and the mystery of the Eucharist.


Promotion of Eucharistic Devotion

There are many means by which the Church lives out its mission.  Our focus is to further the renewal of the Church that faces many challenges in these present times by the promotion of the Eucharistic Devotion, in particular the celebration of Holy Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, faith formation, and prayer for healing in the Eucharistic context.

The Catholic Church teaches us that the Eucharist is the source and summit of our liturgical and spiritual life.  It is truly the presence of the resurrected Lord in His body, soul, and divinity.  This holy presence is transformative.  Whenever an individual opens him or herself to God, especially in the Eucharistic presence, he or she experiences the purifying and healing effects of God’s grace.  There, in the heart, takes place a profound encounter, a deepening of a personal relationship with God, a deep sensing of purpose, and finally a desire to share that experience with others.


Christian Family and Youth Spirituality

One of the great purposes of the Saint John Paul II Eucharistic Flame Center is to facilitate a greater family and youth spirituality through Eucharistic devotion.

Pope Saint John Paul II identified the divine vision and mission of family life and marriage in his Apostolic Exhortation, Familiaris Consortio (FC) [The Role of the Family in the Modern World, November 22, 1981]: “The family finds in the plan of God, the Creator and Redeemer, not only its identity, what it is but also its mission, what it can and should be. The call that God calls the family is to develop what it is.”

It has been uttered in so many ways, “a family that prayers together stays together.”  The celebration and veneration of the Eucharist is the source of life for the Christian family as it encounters its everyday challenges of living.  At the same time it is a means to draw strength to witness its Christian identity to the world that in so many ways has withdrawn itself from the experience of God.

Our aim is to promote the youth and good family relationships, compassionate love, healing and forgiveness, mercy and acts of compassion.  We see the family and youth as a profound treasure in the Church.  The family is the focal point of evangelization and thus, hopefully, it may influence and inspire the larger community to respond to the call to return to the “family” of God.


Mary the Woman of the Eucharist

In pointing to one of the greatest treasures of the Church, which is the Eucharist, we must also speak about Mary, who carries one of the titles as the Mother of the Church.  The image of Mary and her womb as the first Tabernacle of the Incarnate God is a beautiful one.  She is the first to contemplate the presence of Jesus and God’s profound manifestation of salvation through becoming human.  She is our teacher in such contemplation.  Imitating Mary our mother and teacher, we also contemplate Jesus’ face in the sacrament of the Altar as he becomes present to us in His body, soul, and divinity. 

Calendar of Events


Monthly Mass and Eucharistic Healing Prayers


Every 2nd Saturday of the Month at 4:30 pm


Daily Eucharistic Exposition and Adoration in the Upper Church

Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm


May 2020 Program

Friday, May 8 –Spanish Language Program

6:30pm - Rosario

7pm - Santa Misa y Oración de Sanación


Saturday, May 9 – Encountering the Living Jesus

4:30 pm - Mass and Healing Prayers


Saturday, May 23 – Polish Language Program

6:30pm – Śpiew i Uwielbienie

7pm – Msza Święta i Modlitwa z Prośbą o Uzdrowienie